If anyone you know has an investment with the EEA Life Settlements Fund, Meteor Senior Life Settlements Fund or Way Life Settlements Fund (either directly or via a bond, other fund or platform) please help us to make them aware of this Group and website as soon as possible.
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Continuing Shares  If you hold EEA Continuing Shares then please see the separate “Continuing Shares” page (see Menu tabs above).

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The table below summarises the status of all the EEA Shares and redemptions over the years.
As of February 2018, 3.02m (62%) of the total EEA shares at the time of suspension in November 2011 have been redeemed for $372m (36% of the valuation at suspension). The NAV of the remaining 1,883k of shares is $242m giving a projected total loss of $364m (37% in USD terms) to be realised over the next 5-7 years. For separate analyses of Continuing and Run-off shares please choose the Continuing or Run-off tabs on the main menu above.
Summary of Continuing Shares

Additional Information … (earlier issues available on request)

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We request a voluntary donation of 0.2% of your original investment
(i.e. £2, $2, €2 or 2 SEK for each £1000, $1000, €1,000 or 1,000 SEK).

If you have received a favourable settlement of a claim then please consider donating £1,000 (or equivalent) to  help the rest of us to continue the Campaign.